Health Foods

Apples vs Donuts
What makes an apple healthier than a donut?  What really is the difference between a food that builds health, and one that doesn't?  It's an important distinction, since  many children today consume over half their diet as highly processed, empty calorie foods.  And not just at home, but even from junk food in school.

Food Additives - 4000 and Counting

Two basic things separate a health building food from a junk food.  First, junk foods suffer nutrient loss from the refining process, often wiping out much of the vitamin, mineral,
phytonutrient and fiber content.  This generally occurs by stripping away nutritious parts, excessive heating, or exposure to air. 
Second, there is an onslaught of over 4000 artificial additives put in junk foods today, ranging from artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and preservatives, to chemically altered fake fats.  Additives are often poorly tested, can have unforseen effects, and are rarely tested in combinations.  Nutrasweet side effects alone have accounted for a huge number of complaints to the FDA.

Benefits of Organic Food

Besides additives, many toxins can get into foods too, either from pollution or from unhealthy farming practices such as heavy pesticide use, or growth hormones and antibiotics fed to cattle.  Some of these toxins are not easy to get rid of, and at the very least your body has to waste energy and nutrients trying to remove them.  Organic food has gained popularity largely because its growers try to avoid such toxins.

Whole Foods, Simply Nutritious

Ultimately, healthy foods are simply ones that are as close as possible to what God intended, foods with their nutrients intact, and a minimum of toxins.  Be wary of processed and fast foods that have mile long ingredient list, with names you can hardly pronounce.  The best foods have no ingredient list.  An apple is just that, an apple!  The more of those foods in your diet, the better.

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