The Benefits of Juicing

Full Spectrum Nutrition

The benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits far outweigh those of traditional vitamin and mineral supplements.  While there is absolutely no substitute for an excellent diet, if you want to supplement your diet, juicing is the best way.  Juicing allows the body to be flooded with the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  All in the correct forms, the right ratios, and backed by literally thousands of God's finest phytonutrient complexes, antioxidants, and natural anti tumor agents.
While I am not against using vitamin tablets, one must be aware that vitamin companies can take many shortcuts that result in impressive labels, with less than impressive
nutrition benefits.  Companies can use inorganic minerals that have very low absorption rates, or use large amounts of less expensive nutrients while skimping on costlier ones.  Vitamin tablets often feature just one or two buzzword phytonutrients, while nature includes the whole spectrum
Companies may include one or two phytonutrients, but nature includes thousands.
of both known and unknown phytonutrient complexes.  All of which is why the health and nutrition benefits of juicing far outweigh those of any vitamin capsule.  Bottom line, the priority is a fresh unprocessed diet first, then juicing, then vitamin tablets.

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