Healthy Nutrition Tips

Knowledge Into Motion
Time to get back to unprocessed, unrefined whole foods, rich in nutrients and low in toxins.  Food as God intended.  If you want, you can make one change a week so your family doesn't go into nutrition culture shock, or just jump right in all at once, but its time to put knowledge into motion.
8 Easy Changes
More fresh fruit, and less of the processed snack foods.
Whole grain breads, pastas and cereals instead of white flours.
More veggies! 
Try some nuts and seeds.
More water, less coffee and soft drinks.
Wiser cooking methods.
A few less bacon double bypass burgers might not be a bad idea. lol
Get some exercise.
Nutrition Without Compromise
While junk food companies may want you to think that only unhealthy foods taste good, as you begin making changes I suspect you'll discover that the undiluted real flavors of nature are more than a match for anything that comes out of a can.  Healthy and tasty should and always have gone together.  No compromise is needed.  The audio section expands on these eight healthy nutrition tips and explains the benefits of each change.

Audio running time.. 3 min, 35 sec
Health Foods
Refined Grains
Trans Fatty Acids
Juicing Benefits
Obesity Rates
Nature Vs Nurture
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