Obesity Rates

The Big Problem
Lose ten pounds in ten seconds!!!  Yes!  Ten seconds!!!  Sound familiar?  If you've followed my website so far, then you know that I don't do "quick fixes", but prefer fundamental solutions.

Teenage Obesity

In the United States, where I live, in the past twenty years alone adult obesity rates have doubled, and teenage obesity rates have risen just as rapidly if not faster.  While medical
treatments for obesity often focus on drugs and surgery, our epidemic of teenage obesity is not caused by a deficiency of diet pills or gastric  bypasses.  To truly solve the problem one must address the causes.
Junk Food Nation
When any nation switches from a healthy unrefined diet to one of junk foods and fast foods, obesity rates increase dramatically, and continue to increase as the national diet worsens.  Why, does this happen?  Ultimately, weight management is about the classic equation of calories in, vs calories out.  When you start consuming processed foods, calorie intake goes up.  This is because processed foods both lack fiber and tend to be higher in fat, both of which make them denser in calories.  They are also deficient in many nutrients, so the body continually craves the real nutrition its not getting.  The calorie out part of the equation also suffers, since with low nutrient levels, its difficult to have the energy to be active and burn calories. 
Turning The Tide
The only true solution to our rising obesity rates is to return to the unrefined whole foods we traditionally ate, before our diets shifted towards soft drinks and greasy fast food.  This qualitative approach, focusing on improving true nutrition rather that just counting calories, leads to both a healthier and trimmer outcome.  Without such fundamental change, using  diet drugs or weight loss surgery would simply be masking the problem, not fixing it.

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Obesity rates among adults and children.
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