Health Factors

The Big Picture
Every area of life has fundamentals, foundational principles upon which success or failure is largely determined.  In football, its blocking, tackling, throwing and catching.  Without those, a team cannot succeed no matter how clever its coach may be.  Health also has fundamentals, without which no amount of drugs, surgeries or acupuncture needles will ultimately succeed, no matter how clever ones doctor may be.  The fundamental factors affecting health are these...
Good Nutrition
Adequate Hydration
Proper Sleep
Proper Hygiene
Fresh Air
Emotional / Spiritual
Adding It Up
In many ways health is largely an equation, the sum total of these fundamental factors, minus any toxins from smoking, alcohol or pollutants.  These factors remain the same across all areas of health, and hold true for heart disease, cancer and health in general.  In any long term sense, your level of health cannot exceed the level of your fundamentals.

Treatments vs Factors

Modern medical care is primarily drug and surgery based, largely because those are the most profitable areas.  But to quote an old saying, "A headache is not caused by an aspirin deficiency."  Drug effects are more likely to manage symptoms than correct problems, and they never address the underlying causes of an illness.  So one cannot violate the basics of health, such as with junk food, cigarettes, and no exercise and then expect the latest wonder drug to keep them free from harm.  Life doesn't work that way, and biochemisty definitely doesn't work that way!  It's the basic health factors that are crucial to health, longevity and disease rates.  To truly protect and improve ones health, it's those fundamentals that must be improved.

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