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Two Healthy Nutrition Concepts

Despite the seemingly endless list of fad diets and infomercials, there's really just two fundamental nutrition concepts that come up over and over again.  The first is how processed or natural food should be, and the second is how much of the diet should come from plant sources vs animal sources.

Processed vs Natural

As far as processed food vs natural food, if you've followed along so far, then you already know where I stand on that.
Food simply does not get better when we refine away the nutrients and add in a host of artificial colors, sweeteners, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.  No matter what else you do in nutrition, rule number one is to get fresh unprocessed food.
Eat Your Veggies
The second nutrition concept is that of plant based foods vs animal based foods.  When you look around the world at very healthy cultures, those with the least heart disease, cancer, obesity etc, not only do they eat fresh unprocessed foods, but their diets lean heavily towards plant based foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds.  This is the kind of diet that experts like Mcdougall, Ornish, Hans Diehl and others use to routinely reverse heart disease.  When you study people that have beaten tough medical odds and overcome serious illnesses, this same type of unprocessed plant based diet comes up over and over again.  These diets work because they are rich in all the protective factors.  They are high in fiber, loaded with phytonutients, vitamins and minerals, and have far less toxins, saturated fat and cholesterol.
Back To Basics
Is this some radical fad diet?  Actually, it's pretty much what Americans ate up until about 80 years ago before we shifted towards processed food, junk food and bacon double cheeseburgers.  Back then heart disease and cancer were not nearly the killers they are today.  Healthy nutrition bottom unprocessed whole food diet, rich in fiber and brimming with protective phytonutrients.

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