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Ever notice that sugary soft drinks get as much shelf space as fruits and vegetables?  Modern supermarkets have become a mine field of nutrient depleted processed junk foods.  With quick text and audio briefings on key nutrition topics, Nutrition Crash Course can help you survive the supermarket and learn the fine art of nutritional self defense.
More Help, Less Hype
From Atkins to South Beach to junk food in schools, there is no shortage of fad diets and marketing campaigns in
Food fads may come and go, but healthy fundamentals don't change.
nutrition today.  But while food fads and TV commercials may come and go, healthy fundamentals don't change.  My name is Jeff Rommereide and on this web site you will find no sales pitch for the latest pill, powder or
potion.  Just an objective "to the point" nutrition guide to fundamental nutrition topics like trans fatty acids, refined grains, and our ever rising obesity rates.  As you read and listen, you just may find that eating healthy is a lot simpler and tastier than one might imagine.

Nutrition Crash Course